Campaign for Respect to Sikh Turban

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Support the Campaign to gain Respect for Sikh Turbans

Sikhs are net contributors to the societies they live in....

It is well known that Sikhs are net contributors to Society, strong participants in community welfare, guardians of peace and upholders of the highest principles of self sacrifice & duty.

So when they are mistreated by the ignorant, then, after all attempts to negotiate, discuss and convince fail, there is little alternative to standing up for Justice.

In this Case against the Polish Border Guard, the above priciples are at play.

All attempts at trying to be cooperative, informative and participatory were rejected and so the Court Case has been launched, it has gone to Appeal and if the Appeal fails the next step could well be the European Courts.

So your support is essential !


This stained glass mural at Sandhurst Military Academy UK, pays homage to Sikhs as protectors of the innocent 


There are many individuals and organsations that are supporting this campaign. ...


Network of Sikh Organisation, UK

Sikh Council of the UK

The Turbanology Project

Sikh Sewa Academy

Many Gurudwara's in the UK

If there is one things that unites each & every Sikh on the planet, then it is need to gain simple recognition that Sikh turbans should not be insulted - so, please support this campaign