Campaign for Respect to Sikh Turban

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About My Motivation

When I heard from a young Sikh professional, who travelled to Poland on his family business, that after his humiliation by the Border Guards at Warsaw, he was too ashamed to even relate the event to his father.....

I decided enough was enough and that this was intolerable. I took a stand and publicised my own experiences, ten incidents, taking place between Aug 2009 and Dec 2011.

More Sikhs have contacted me with their own experience in Poland with the Border Guards on their business or tourist visits.

The Polish Border Guard unthinkingly consider that asking to be checked first by other means, to see if a prohibited item may be there, have decided that such a Sikh is "unwilling to be checked" - a patently absurd opinion and one that is unacceptable to Sikhs.

I decided to take a stand, and try to get the situation changed. Apart from the young professional (who did not want his name revealed) there are Sikh businessmen living in and travelling to Poland, Sikh Priests serving in the Sikh Gurudwara of Warsaw, who had all been meted out with the same treatment.

The more I attempted to communicate with the Border Guard (even in Polish language !!), the more they targetted and harassed me. My travels out of Poland became a nightmare and enormously stressful. I was passing through Poland on EU business, as a scientist and an advisor on technical matters, and thus parts of my professional work suffered.

I am a graduate of the University of Warsaw and retain close professional and social contacts for over forty years. As a Country to which I have much sympathy as a second home, I feel it is my duty to see that injustice being committed by a small group of ignorant people within a seemingly archaic organiation, has to be stopped.

If this Court action in one EU Members State is succesful, then there will be a good opportunity to make the ruling applicable in all the rest of the EU Member States. As law abiding citiznes of the EU, it is the right of British and other Sikhs to be treated in an equal manner to all other law abiding citiznes. 

Sikh men & women  are fun loving, enthusisastic and a bouyant community - the Bhangra fully typfies us - vigorous, colourful, enjoyable feast, accompanied by melodious ditties that recall our exploits, some adventurous, some foolish and some romantic!!

And finally, also....

Personal insults on the Border Guards official staff web forum....!

Who has ever heard of a Government staff agency's official web forum naming and insulting members of the public, yet hiding behind anonymity?? Well it happens on the Polish Border Guard web individual calling himself niepokorny did just that.. His alias stands for 'Unbending, Domineering, Authoratarian'  (in Polish)- this is a Public Servant ??? Do read (in Polish), his & his similar colleagues views... And an interview by Asylum seekers on the behaviour Border Guards -- abuse of their human rights...

Shaminder Puri.

Retaliation by the Polish Border Guard

While my Case was proceeding, the Border Guard have retaliated with two cases they have brought against me..On the official e-forum of the Border Guard staff union, they mounted a personal directed insulting web page...

The first Case has been thrown out to the Polish Constitutional Tribunal, as possibly being an unconstituional action by the Border Guard. When the Guard refused to even let me join the queue for the security check, I refused to budge - having legally checked in for my flight, I was determined to travel as I was entitled to - but the Guards on duty demanded that I remove my turban EVEN BEFORE I PASSED THROUGH THE WALK THROUGH METAL DETECTOR ! I rrfused.

In a second Case, the same individual  Guard that had been in Court, giving evidence, and had been involved in a previous assult on me, again demanded my turban removal AFTER I passed through the WTMD AND underwent the check in the "puffer machine" all showing negative results; at that point, having suffered this way on ten different occasions over the previous 18 months,  I lost my cool and had to call this Guard a "wise genius" ... or its inverse - which is a criminal offence in Polish Regulations !! Initially the prosecutor threw out the Guards Case that I slandered them - but they appealed - vindictive or what?? and the Case is yet to be heard. I plan a vigorous defence.

Oh, the Border Guard is not just abusive of Sikhs ... see the most recent scandal committed by them on asylum seekers....calling them.lazy peasants...and other worse insults