Campaign for Respect to Sikh Turban

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Participate in the Campaign

There are several ways that your help would be welcome. These are listed below:

  • Join this Campaign & Sign up in Members Area to this web site
  • Disseminate the URL of this web site, and invite as many of your network as possible
  • Inform as many people as possible, Sikhs and Non Sikhs, about the Court Action that is eventually aimed at recognition of the Sikh Turban as an item of identity and faith - thus not to be insulted - an analogy might be the respect for a military persons cap with national emblem on it
  • Offer to write letters to MP's, Members of European Parliament and to the EU Commissioners dealing with airport safety issues (addresses can be provided - see panel on right)
  • Offer to write to the Ministry of Interior of Poland (address can be provided - see right panel) asking them to ensure that Border Guards pay due respect to the Sikh Turban at security checks
  • Offer to write to the UK Ambassador in Warsaw (address can be provided  -see right panel) asking for support in the Campaign and to raise awreness in Poland about UK Sikhs
  • Speak to your local Gurudwara, ask the President of the Gurudwara to give support and ask the Sangat to contribute donations, collect the donations and send them to the link for 'donations' on this web site
  • Support the Network of Sikh Organisations in taking this Campaign forward
  • Support the Sikh Council of the UK in taking this Campaign forward.
  • Make your own donation to finance the court case and the legal fees - these may be needed to hire a Barrister to take the Case up to the European Court of Justice or Human Rights (see panel on right)

Contacts, emails

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[email protected]   for further information on the Campaign and submit your own experience

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Help & Support already provided to the Campaign

The Network of Sikh Organisation

The Sikh Council of the UK